Tuesday, June 25, 2013


Look Who's Complaining About Google Making a Donation to the Competitive Enterprise Institute - Amy Ridenour's National Center Blog - A Conservative Blog
Mann simply says donating to CEI is "evil," which falls a bit short of a fully-fleshed-out philosophy, but I can't help remembering that when this institution questioned the Obama Administration's decision to send a stimulus grant to Mann's office, Mann whined that we were "threatening" his "livelihood." This just for criticizing a government grant to his office that apparently had zero to do with Mann's ability to get his regular paycheck as a professor at Penn State, and thus would not have affected his "livelihood" particularly, except perhaps a tiny bit on the margins (and let's face it, one can't really expect to make one's living off the stimulus bill).
At least 33,000 sheep and cattle stranded in deep snow
A massive rescue operation is under way in Otago’s high country (New Zealand), where thousands of sheep and cattle are stranded in thick snow cover.
President Obama's energy push could loom large in 2014 - James Hohmann - POLITICO.com
Barack Obama’s Tuesday speech on climate change puts Democrats on defense in coal country.
About 6000 livestock and 25 shepherds stuck in heavy snowfall at Narkanda (India)
Unprecedented and unseasonal snowfall.

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