Sunday, June 23, 2013


Global Warming Hiatus: Where Did the Heat Go | New Republic
Scientists speculated that the heat might be hidden in the deep ocean, beneath 700 meters, where there are not reliable temperature measurements. Without good data, they couldn’t prove heat was going into the deep oceans. So Meehl and his colleagues turned to computer models. Their approach was straightforward: Look at naturally occurring hiatus decades in climate models, and see where the computers put the heat.
Why Alaska's heat wave is a bad example of global warming | Alaska Dispatch
In a blog post for Discover Magazine, Tom Yulsman resorts to a bit of hyperbole to highlight the current fire season and stretch of warm weather in Alaska. Yulsman notes that the state's run of record-breaking temps were "showing no signs of abating," but neglected to mention the fact that the weather was indeed cooling off in portions of the state already on Wednesday, the same day the blog post ran. He also erroneously lumps the climate of Fairbanks in with areas in the further northern portions of the state -- saying that maximum temperatures in the Interior Alaska city typically only hit the high 60s to low 70s. Fairbanks and surrounding cities regularly hit 80 degrees and higher during hot days in the summer months.

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joe Bastardi said...

Grays Right and explained all this before Trenberth started flinging his latest excuse out there. Read:

As for Alaska, its going to be cooling there again soon ( relative normals) after the brutal winter. So it gets warm for a while. There have been times that thunderstorms were recorded in the arctic and it was warmer than this