Tuesday, June 25, 2013


Obama’s Climate Plan Revealed | JunkScience.com
Here are Obama’s “Climate Action Plan,” and “fact sheet.”
Fact Sheet
President’s Climate Action Plan
Obama to unveil first-ever US climate change strategy | Environment | guardian.co.uk
There was no mention of putting a price on carbon dioxide emissions. White House officials have flatly rejected a "carbon tax", and there was no indication whether Obama would support a version of a carbon tax now pending in the Senate.
Obama is highly unlikely, however, to touch on one of the biggest environmental decisions ahead of him – the Keystone XL tar sands pipeline.
No Country for Old Weathermen — The Patriot Post
[Bastardi] What I'm seeing today, and not just in the climate fight, makes little sense to me. An agenda that once preached global warming has been turned into something that's now simply climate -- the back and forth of weather that has occurred naturally throughout the ages. Propagandists say that skeptics deny the existence of climate change -- a redundant term -- and then seek to isolate and demonize those of us that point out their fallacies. They are relying on the fact that most people never bothered to look at what happened before. Guys like me make a living off researching the past to give us an advantage looking forward. Yet we have a whole group of people who have changed the rules of the game because they are getting beaten. (Remember, we were supposed to be beyond the tipping point by now because of man-caused global warming.) They take events from the past that many may not know about, pull out examples of it happening today that everyone can see in an instant, and claim it's because of anthropogenic "climate change."
Obama To Announce Sweeping Climate Change Plan : NPR
[4-minute audio] President Obama on Tuesday plans to announce his policy for dealing with climate change. Renee Montagne talks to NPR science correspondent Richard Harris for a preview of the speech.

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