Tuesday, June 18, 2013


Carbon emissions reduction 56th on G8 96-point list | JunkScience.com
And the “strong commitment” to the “urgent need” comes with a big escape hatch — action “consistent with science.”
Twitter / rtcc_edking: Ed Davey: "you will always ...
Ed Davey: "you will always get crackpots and conspiracy theorists who will deny they have a nose on their face if it suits them" #climate
Gulf of Boothia, unheralded Arctic utopia, has the highest density of polar bears worldwide | polarbearscience
In other words, despite there being no trend in either sea ice conditions or habitat for seals – and a yearly harvest of 40 bears – polar bear numbers in the Gulf of Boothia increased significantly (by almost 700 bears) during the twenty years between 1980 and 2000. Even if the 1986 estimate of approximately 900 bears was somewhat less accurate than the more recent one, the fact that tiny Gulf of Boothia can support 1,592 bears is surely a remarkable feat.
Interview: John Ashton CBE on climate change, politics and leadership - Clean Tech - Clean Tech | siliconrepublic.com - Ireland's Technology News Service
Since leaving his post in the Foreign Office in June 2012, Ashton says he is still in touch with the organisation he founded Third Generation Environmentalism (E3G), but is taking some time out from a formal role, as he tries to find "a richer and more compelling way of thinking and talking about the issue of climate change".
The Citizen Online | Carbon tax must protect poor
National Treasury's proposal to introduce a carbon tax should ensure the poor are protected from high energy prices, an analyst said on Tuesday.
U.S. Airports Face Increasing Threat From Rising Seas | Climate [Hoax] Central
[caption] What La Guardia Airport could look like with 5 feet of sea level rise, an amount that could occur by 2100, according to some estimates.

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