Tuesday, June 18, 2013


The Blackboard » Trenberth on “Cheery Picking”.
But in any case: the arguments Trenberth was ‘rebutting” seemed merely to be that (a) current warming may be slower than in the 70-00 era (i.e. < 0.16 C/dec) or (b) it may be slower than projected in the AR4 (i.e. “about 0.2 C/dec), I’m entirely sure what the point of negative trends being “robust” is supposed to be. After all: Noticing that the recent trends are very low relative to what one might expect for a 0.2C/dec trend with weather does not require one to believe that the 10 year trend will turn into a sustained negative trend. It only requires one to think that the negative 10 year trends suggest that the underlying deterministic trend (which can be masked by noise) is lower than 0.2C/dec.
Twitter / RyanMaue: Time mag worried about LA ...
Time mag worried about LA snowpack in 2050 "dwindling" (less fresh water). But quotes an increase in precip (rain)
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@RyanMaue Why don't these f$cking morons just build more water storage? Reservoirs are simple to build and manage...
Twitter / suzyji: http://t.co/yAc2oX4t1S – ...
– ‘Heat dome’ melted Greenland ice sheet in 2012 via
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The Greenland Summit Camp research station is getting buried by snow and ice.

Coldest Start To The Arctic Summer On Record | Real Science
Looking through the DMI records going back to 1958, it appears that summer north of 80N is getting off to the coldest start on record.

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