Saturday, June 29, 2013


Mercury News editorial: Obama launching a war on coal? We can only hope - San Jose Mercury News
President Barack Obama's opponents have derisively called his plans announced last week to combat climate change a "war on coal." It won't be clear for months or years if that's true, but Americans should sincerely hope that it is...The Natural Resources Defense Council's recent proposal for a state-based, flexible method of regulating power plants illustrates this point. It estimates the annual cost of its strategy at about $4 billion. But the annual savings would be between $25 billion and $60 billion because of slower climate change and improved public health.
Twitter / Foxgoose: New CRU (I Can't Believe It's ...
New CRU (I Can't Believe It's Not A) Hockey Stick shows no warming since 1920s- Ding Dong the Cult is dead
Twitter / omnologos: Scientist confirms: one single ...
Scientist confirms: one single tree has been used to change the history of the world
Twitter / Foxgoose: . @ruskinhartley @xpusser ...
. @ruskinhartley @xpusser @LeoHickman "Externalities" are fantasy costs - invented by #climate activists to shore up their failing economics

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