Thursday, June 27, 2013


Heat bakes Interior residents: But these are not the warmest temperatures Alaska has seen
FAIRBANKS — With temperatures reaching into 90s in several locations across Alaska during the past two weeks, including Fairbanks on Tuesday and Wednesday, the question inevitably arises: “What’s the warmest temperature ever recorded in Alaska?”

According to National Weather Service records dating to 1904, the record high temperature for Alaska was 100 degrees in Fort Yukon on June 27, 1915.
Musician Dom Aversano: Climate Denial as a 21st Century Conspiracy Theory
The best path forward may be for citizens with the luxury of free time to pursue personal research projects, draw inspiration and action from them, and work to create a media that oppose the widespread falsehoods; a task which is made greatly more achievable with the internet. Once sufficiently acquainted with the concepts and data of climate science, the baseless theories of the denial industry lose all plausibility.
Flashback : Google hangout notes: I've never seen Revkin less convinced that CO2 causes bad weather
Roberts: hard-core deniers know more about climate than casual believers; the deniers would do better on a climate quiz
Nelson: Too-soon talk of global warming is all wet - Calgary
After all, in 1897, the Bow River swelled five metres and turned downtown into a lake, and in 1915, the same river washed away the Centre Street Bridge.
Twitter / NickMolho: Kevin Anderson:"the maths are ...
Kevin Anderson:"the maths are absolutely clear that you cannot add another fossil fuel" to prevent dangerous climate change #shale #UKEnergy  [What maths, specifically?]

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