Wednesday, June 19, 2013


Reuters allows skeptics to debunk the 97% Nonsensus |
No doubt Media Matters will soon claim Reuters is secretly funded by Big Oil.
Warmer World Will Keep Millions of People Trapped in Poverty, Says New [World Bank CO2 Hoax] Report
“These changes forecast for the tropics illustrate the level of hardships that will be inflicted on all regions eventually, it we fail to keep warming under control,” Kim said. “Urgent action is needed to not only reduce greenhouse gas emissions, but also to help countries prepare for a world of dramatic climate and weather extremes.”
Trust and balance: Why it’s so hard to communicate climate change | Carbon Brief
it's not as straightforward as rolling a climate scientist in front of a camera and expecting her or his words to win people over.
Twitter / RichardTol: mirror mirror on the wall who ...
mirror mirror on the wall who thinks the deepest (about climate) of them all? or is it thinks most, or loudest?
Twitter / CountCarbon: Fact of the day: in 2000 US ...
Fact of the day: in 2000 US CO2 emissions were 2 times higher than China's. In 2012 they were 60% of China's.
Partial Recall | [Bringing your own car in for service is for the little people who don't drive bad-weather-preventing cars] | Tesla Motors
Affected Model S owners will be contacted in the next few days and we will arrange for their car to be picked up, the bracket reinforced and the car returned to their possession. To be clear, the Model S does not need to be brought to our service center by the owner. Tesla will pick up the car at a location of the owner’s convenience, provide a Model S loaner if needed, perform the work and bring the car back to the owner a few hours later.

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