Sunday, June 23, 2013


Warning Signs: Obama's Enormous Climate Lies
Putting aside Obama’s intention to further reduce our nuclear arsenal as articulated in his June 19 speech in Berlin, he has solidified his position as the World’s Greatest Liar with his statements about climate change, aka global warming, which he called “the global threat of our time.”
The article you published emphasizes “ongoing debate” and “uncertainties.“ It does not convey an accurate sense of the state of the science. In fact, the scientific case for human-caused global warming is exceptionally strong, as is already clear from scientifically analyzing many examples of observed changes in climate, such as increasing air and ocean temperatures, the loss of Arctic sea ice, melting glaciers and ice sheets, rising sea levels, changes in precipitation patterns, and changes in weather extremes. We are observing these changes now. Research [ie cough-mumble] leads to the conclusion that they are almost certainly human-caused. We are speaking here of facts and evidence. This is science, not hunches or speculations. Your readers deserve to know this.

Prof. Richard C.J. Somerville
Earth sciences secretary blames Uttarakhand rains on climate change - Times Of India
Despite the danger of every instance of extreme weather being tagged as climate change, Nayak pointed to an emerging pattern. "We are definitely seeing a decrease in low and moderate events [Can we see some data to back up that claim?] and although we are still scanning the evidence, climate change cannot be ruled out as a cause," he said.
A powerful story about global warming in Alaska that has set Twitter aflame | Fabius Maximus
Nothing remarkable in this story. But in the hands of skilled alarmists it becomes: “A Clear View of Alaska — and Maybe Our Future“, Phil Plait, Slate, 20 June 2013. Plait is an astronomer who worked for 10 years on Hubble Space Telescope data, and now writes about science — with a side line in climate alarmism (e.g., calling people “deniers” who cite science research he doesn’t like). Plait connects the NASA story with some current research, ignores contrary research, and produces a standard example of climate propaganda.

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