Sunday, June 23, 2013


Melting ice brings Norway and Asia closer together - Telegraph
In a change of potentially revolutionary significance, the travel time between the Japanese port of Yokohama and Hamburg in Germany has been cut by 40 per cent, while fuel expenditure is down by 20 per cent.
Obama The Coal Cheerleader | Real Science
Last summer, Obama knew that even the 1.5 million dead voters registered in Ohio might not be enough to win him the election. So he pretended for a few weeks that he was a big supporter of coal.
Alarmists Alarmed That Their Alarmist Models Might Be Wrong | National Review Online
No. No. No. We’ve been told, ad nauseam, that the science is settled. And politicians are asking taxpayers to fund billions of dollars of projects based on that science. No way the entire alarmist community can get away with an “Oops, our bad.”
Jennifer Marohasy » Guessing versus Calculating a Global Mean Temperature
“THE greatest difficulty facing the promoters of the theory that human emissions of carbon dioxide cause dangerous global warming is the inconvenient truth that it is impossible to measure the average temperature of the earth’s surface by any known technology. Without this information it is not possible to claim global warming” writes Vincent Gray in his most recent ‘Truth Newsletter’.

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