Sunday, June 23, 2013


Our summers will be as hot and dry as 1976, the Met Office said three years ago... and now they're predicting a soaking decade | Mail Online
The Met Office has been accused of damaging the UK’s tourism industry over its prediction last week that Britain faces the likelihood of a decade of soggy summers – because just three years ago it told us to prepare for repeats of the drought of 1976.
Radio New Zealand : Appeal launched as Northlanders cold snap
Major Cathy Elkington says low-income people in the north are not equipped for such cold weather and whole families have been turning up in a heart-breaking state, some barefoot and in wet clothes.
Climate change likened to heat of bomb blasts
Distributions of trees are shifting towards cooler areas such as the poles or mountains, and animal species are responding to global warming by mating earlier in the year.
"This isn't because animals are getting randier, it's because the seasons themselves are shifting," Mr Cook said.
Mr Cook said studies have tried to put a number on how much of global warming is caused by humans, "and the rough answer is, all of it".
We Ignore Scientists at Our Peril » The Epoch Times
[David Suzuki] It’s happening again. Research confirms agreement among most climate scientists that we are altering the Earth’s climate, mainly by burning fossil fuels. And industrial interests, backed by climate change deniers, pull out every trick to sow doubt and confusion. What will it take for us to start seriously tackling the problem?
As expected, deniers are out in full force, many employing methods common to those who reject science. Medical scientists Pascal Diethelm and Martin McKee examined these tactics in the European Journal of Public Health: cherry picking, reference to fake experts, misrepresentation and logical fallacies, impossible expectations of what research can deliver and conspiracy theories. Deniers often rely on talking points spread by a handful of usual suspects, including Christopher Monckton in the U.K., the Heartland Institute and Anthony Watts in the U.S. and Friends of Science and Tom Harris in Canada.
...That requires listening to scientists and those who are working on solutions, and not to the naysayers and deniers who would keep us stalled in a doomed spiral.

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