Monday, June 24, 2013


Kerry to India: Global warming more important than poverty |
Says the poor man who married a rich warmist.
Flashback: John Kerry, "the Ted Williams of climate change advocacy", with Exxon stock, five luxury homes, 76-foot yacht, SUV, and a private jet: "I don't know what 'cap and trade' means"

Metrics For Evaluating The Success Of Obamaclimate | Real Science
Temperatures haven’t risen for 17 years, so it will be difficult to evaluate the success of Obamaclimate in quantitative terms.

Perhaps we can model the missing heat four years from now, and compare it against today’s missing heat.
- Bishop Hill blog - Stern not related to environment
Back in February I asked the Treasury for correspondence it held related to the Stern Review. There is a 20-day time limit for public bodies to respond to requests under FOI and EIR, but as readers here know most public servants ignore the letter of the law and drag out requests for as long as humanly possible...

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