Thursday, June 27, 2013


PJ Media » Blowing Smoke: Obama Climate Speech Riddled With Lies
Unlike America’s hopelessly misguided president, the reasons behind Canute’s action were sensible. He wanted to reduce unrealistically elevated expectations of him. Canute’s goal was to show fawning courtiers that there were things over which he had no control. He knew the facts about tides. Sadly for our American friends, and indeed for the whole free world — which depends on a strong America — Obama lacks Canute’s humility and knowledge about nature. The president’s misunderstanding and his apparent disinterest in real climate science is leading the United States into an economic black hole from which it may take generations to recover.
Man With Giant Carbon Footprint Squees Over Speech Given By Man With With Biggest CFP In World : Stop The ACLU
History will laugh at the unhinged madness of people like Gore and Obama who push their anti-science politics on people.
It Isn't That Millennials Hate Cars
They can't afford them.
Comedy: Science By Decree, Washington Tries To Declare A Science Settled And A Debate Over
The President of the United States stepped up to the podium and announced to the land that he was hereby officially declaring climate science settled and the debate as ended. Unfortunately, science is never settled, and the remarks will go down in history as being among the most naïve ever expressed by the office of the President...

...[Ed Caryl] On Tuesday, June 25, in advance of President Obama’s Climate speech, David Simas, a White House presidential advisor, sent an email to the press corp outlining the governments position on climate change. This missive was so unabashedly full of lies dressed as irrefutable statements that it would have made the most notorious dictator propagandist proud. The refutation is absurdly easy. Let’s break down each paragraph
President Obama’s Climate Initiative—The Bad News and Good News | Watts Up With That?
For the last decade, an obsession with global warming has dominated a wide array of US government policies. Climatism, the belief that man-made greenhouse gases are destroying Earth’s climate, skews federal automobile, transportation, energy, and infrastructure policies. Billions are spent in the ongoing effort to fight climate change.
More Heartbreak For Alarmists | Real Science
If record cold in the Arctic and a record slow fire season isn’t bad enough, now we have an early monsoon season firing up in the southwest.

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