Friday, June 28, 2013


Twitter / justintempler: @wattsupwiththat If the White ...
@wattsupwiththat If the White House fails at math & geography what are the chances we can trust them when they attempt climate science?
Oregon Legislature's top global warming bill sits on shaky ground |
The Legislature's enthusiasm for climate change bills has diminished substantially in recent years.
Twitter / JimCameron: There is no climate debate; ...
There is no climate debate; climate change is unambiguous, real & urgent to address. The choices we make now ensure our future or disable it
Flashback: More idiocy from James Cameron: Now he calls for a "children's crusade" against carbon dioxide

Twitter / BarryJWoods: & this- v interesting,a ...
& this- v interesting,a history of Time covers/articles (iceage vs warming)

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