Sunday, June 16, 2013


Arctic Sea Ice Growing Back Above Average 2000s Levels | The Global Warming Policy Foundation (GWPF)
the Arctic has re-gained a record amount of ice this winter.
Sulfate Aerosols Cool Climate Less Than Assumed | The Global Warming Policy Foundation (GWPF)
Life span of cloud-forming sulfate particles in the air is shorter than assumed due to a sulfur dioxide oxidation pathway which has been neglected in climate models so far
Germany’s Green Plan is Crumbling | Via Meadia
The wheels are falling off of Germany’s green energy revolution. In recent years Europe has attempted to position itself as a first mover and global leader in renewable energy, and Germany has led the way with ambitious domestic programs to boost solar and wind energy. But green hopes are giving way to economic realities: Europe is now considering walking back from some of its stated green goals, (rightly) concerned that the costs of renewable energy will make European industry less globally competitive. This is especially true in Germany, where some of Europe’s highest electricity prices have many companies considering jumping ship to cheaper locales like shale-rich America. The Economist has a must-read in-depth report on the failings of Germany’s energy revolution
Twitter / ezralevant: At this moment, 95% of Ontario's ...
At this moment, 95% of Ontario's wind turbines are not working. This is considered normal
Wad a waste | The Sun |News|Politics
Councils splurge £34m on limos and foreign junkets while slashing our services
Twitter / Huroner1: German companies generating ...
German companies generating own power to avoid ludicrous cost of 'renewables'. Sanity is trumping madness.

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