Monday, June 10, 2013


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Guido has announced that our dear friend Tim Yeo has departed
A123 and Fisker Fire at Each Other as Taxpayers Run for Cover | National Legal and Policy Center
As if taxpayers didn’t already have to stomach enough corruption, incompetence and dysfunction in the government's promotion of "green" energy, two past exemplars failure have returned to discharge blame at each other.
Study: China fooling the world on CO2 emissions cuts |
Developed Chinese provinces are outsourcing emissions-intensive activities to provinces not covered by China’s international commitments.
Twitter / UgochiAnyaka
Only black person in the room, yet the issues are the same, but with different perspectives. #CC communication #climatechapman
Ask a Warmist: Where did the 2-degree global warming target level come from? |
It was plucked out of thin air, as the University of East Angli’a Phil Jones inadvertently admitted in Climategate 2.0.
White House knew about Lisa Jackson’s secret email account |
“Email records show that the White House knew about the secret email account used by former Environmental Protection Agency administrator Lisa Jackson since at least February 2010.”
Study: IPCC 40% off on terrestrial carbon storage |
The Nonsensus doesn’t yet understand the carbon cycle — yet they want to regulate.

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