Sunday, June 30, 2013


[Insurance company hypes CO2 risk?]: Firm funds €1 million climate impact research chair | News | Times Higher Education
AXA says that through its fund it will in particular increase its efforts to help scientists to further share their knowledge with a broader audience in order to “actively nurture public debate on risks”.
“Dead Aim” Joe Manchin Keeps His Promises…Obama Steps Into The Battle We’ve All Been Waiting For
In the US, the Democrats have Joe Manchin of West Virginia, who is now speaking up strongly against Obama’s flat-earth-science-based energy policies, which in the end are nothing more than pure pandering to fringe environmentalists. It’s pure stupidity to think that the fate of the planet hinges on a few dozen US coal power plants. China is putting 50 on line each year.
Obama’s Climate Obsession | Somewhat Reasonable
The fundamental flaw in the president’s thinking is shown by the 21 instances in his plan of the term “carbon pollution,” trying to confuse carbon dioxide, also known as plant food, with real pollutants and poisons such as mercury, arsenic, and lead — each of which the plan mentions as analogous to carbon in a hyperbole so obvious that nobody who doesn’t work for the Sierra Club could possibly buy it.

One wonders what planet Obama lives on when he says “climate change is no longer a distant threat — we are already feeling its impacts across the country and the world.”

Name one, Mr. President, at least one that is well supported by peer-reviewed science.
The Reference Frame: Bob Carter's academic job "not renewed"
Climate alarmists' dirty hands were very likely behind the scenes

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