Sunday, June 23, 2013


Obama About To Humiliate Himself On The Domestic Stage | Real Science
Just as the rest of the world (including Huffington Post) figures out that global warming is a scam, Obama decides to use it as an excuse to further wreck the US economy.
2804 Days Since A Major Hurricane Strike In The US | Real Science
The last time a major (category 3-5) hurricane struck the US was October 19, 2005.
It has been 2804 days since Wilma hit, the longest such period since the Civil War.
In 1954, the US was hit by three major hurricanes in less than 10 weeks.
Obama wants to restore the climate to safe levels of CO2.
White House Teleprompter Smokes Too Much Choom – Gets Confused | Real Science
I read somewhere that climate change is happening at unprecedented rates, so it is time that I unilaterally punish American citizens – because China, Russia and India refuse to punish their own people. Someone has to be punished for the weather.
Dramatic Decline In June Hurricanes As CO2 Has Risen | Real Science
US June hurricane frequency has declined by 80% since the 1850s. June hurricane landfalls used to occur about once every four years, but now they occur less than once every 20 years.
Arctic Sea Ice Extent – Most Ice Since 2004 | sunshine hours
Arctic Sea Ice Extent for 2013 is only 130,000 sq km under the 11,367,000 mean for day 173. Thats 1.13%.

You have to go back to 2004 before it was closer to the mean.

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