Monday, June 17, 2013


Climate Change Getting Worse by the Minute: Scientific American Podcast
We are on track for 3 degrees C of warming or more, this century.
Twitter / hro001: EPA jumps on UN loaded ...
EPA jumps on UN loaded sloganeering bandwagon MT:Environmental justice is very important at EPA. @EPAadm #SustainableQs
Time to fight climate change |
McKibben likened it to drinking beer. The average person can probably drink four to five beers in a night and be wary of driving home. That's the 565 gigatons. Imagine the state of a person who drank 30 beers in a night. That's the 2795 gigatons. If they survived it, the hangover would last days. If Earth survives 2795 gigatons, the hangover will last thousands of years before it goes back to the "normal" state it was in 30 years ago, the state it's been in for thousands of years, as far back as our known human history goes.
Climate: As anticipation builds for White House announcement, enviros prepare lawsuit and everyone questions timing -- Monday, June 17, 2013 --
If the president makes a high-profile statement on climate change next month, it will likely come before his administration issues a verdict on Keystone XL. Obama increasingly is considered likely to approve the Alberta-to-Texas pipeline, dealing a heavy blow to the environmental organizations that turned out for him during the 2008 and 2012 presidential elections.

Former White House staffer Paul Bledsoe said the timing of this climate announcement is "very conspicuous."

"Initially most people thought that the Keystone decision would come before Obama laid out his broader climate strategy," he said. "Instead, he is likely to disappoint the environmental community on Keystone and so is consciously announcing his broader plans on EPA regulation before the Keystone decision."

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