Thursday, June 20, 2013


Warmist Scientists Amuse Themselves With Rolling Stone’s “10 Dumbest Things Ever Said About Global Warming”
Let’s just take one moment to recall some of the really dumb things warmists have claimed. Shall we make a list of the 100 dumbest things said by warmists?

Heck, one could easily find 1000 dumbest things ever said by them…and you’d still only be scratching the surface. Let’s recall some of the absurd things Hansen, Gore, Viner, Latif, Rahmstorf etc. have claimed, e.g. snowless winters, death trains, Earth’s center is 1 million degrees, warming causing cold weather, 1.8 meter sea level rise and so on.

The multitude of really dumb things said by warmists is indeed the main reason why they are getting crushed in the climate debate and need the German government’s environment ministry UBA to help them out.
[Can we have some of that global warming hoax loot?]:  Anthropologists argue field must play a vital role in climate change studies
( —Anthropologists can and must play a vital role in climate change studies, a UC Santa Cruz professor and a former UCSC doctoral student argue in an influential scholarly journal. The role of anthropology in the study of climate change has long been overlooked, they write.
Arctic Sea Ice - Greatest Extent for mid-June in Years
Satellite data shows that Arctic Sea ice extent is now the greatest for mid-June since at least 2005.
Global Warming Always Targets The Children First | Real Science
13 May 1929 – Disastrous Forest Fire. Sixty Persons Dead in Mexico
How CO2 helped crops in the severe drought summer of 2012
Despite the fact the drought was worse than 1988, yields were 50% higher. Part of that are improved hybrids and farming practices but part is the positive effect of CO2, which produces more growth and makes plants more drought resistant. The 1988 drought in 2012 dollars produced between $80B and $120B in losses.

Under conditions of atmospheric CO2 enrichment, stomatal apertures typically decrease, thereby reducing stomatal conductance and transpirational water losses from plants.

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