Wednesday, June 26, 2013


Obama Is Merely Leveling The Energy Playing Field With Europe – Declares An End To Cheap American Energy
Europeanization of American energy prices

Currently German industry pays more than twice as much for its electricity than in the USA, and three to four times more for natural gas (USA is now exploiting its massive reserves of shale gas using fracking technology as Europe moves to ban fracking).

This increasingly unlevel energy playing field (created by Europe itself) is precisely what is driving Obama’s newly announced energy policy. Europeans have long complained that their competitiveness has been hampered by the USA’s “irresponsibly” low energy and electricity prices, and have insisted that Obama level the playing field by increasing prices in the USA. Somehow (using climate), Europe has convinced the USA to make its energy more expensive. Obama is happy to oblige.
The reality of environmental espionage is more dramatic than The East | John Vidal | Environment |
How many people have ever been hurt by "eco-terrorism"? There is a long history of environmental campaigners being killed by government and corporate agents, but to my knowledge no one has ever murdered or even maimed anyone who has damaged nature. Terrible threats have been made, yes, trees have been spiked, ski resorts burned down, cars bombed, crops dug up and boats sabotaged, but a line has been pretty clearly drawn – in Britain, the US and Europe at least – between hurting people and property in the name of defending nature.

So the first problem with the film The East, which opened at the Sundance festival this year and comes to Britain on Friday, is that we are asked to believe that a collective of messed-up young US runaways, living off-grid in the woods, should plot to poison and kill corporate leaders for their oil spills, pharmaceutical pollution and deforestation. Good Hollywood fun, then, but not much reality.
Flashback: Baby survives parents' global warming suicide pact - Telegraph
A seven-month-old girl survived for three days alone with a bullet in her chest after being shot by her parents as part of a suicide pact over their fears about global warming.
Rising seas washing away Pacific leader's home island - Telegraph
"Strong northeast trade winds since October 2012 have elevated sea levels three-to-six inches (7.6-15.2 centimetres), noticeably accelerating erosion on Ailinglaplap," he said.

About 1,700 people are scattered on the atoll's islands, which are barely a metre (three-feet) above sea level, even at their highest points.  [Far be it from me to be critical, but is it really wise to live on an island where the highest point is three feet above sea level?]

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