Wednesday, June 26, 2013


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I don't know about the Flat Earth Society but I am a member of the Flat Chart Society, no warming for 15 years. #ObamaClimate
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Obama climate speech / initiative not mentioned on BBC 10.00 news.
How To Block Obamaclimate | Real Science
Republicans need to do two things :

Run an advertising campaign showing Obama promising to make energy prices skyrocket and bankrupt the coal industry, over and over again. That will make his credibility plummet after today’s speech.
Pass legislation making it illegal to shut down a power plant, unless it poses an immediate threat to safety or there is 100% replacement power coming on line. Democrats won’t be able to vote against that without paying a very high price.
Obama Returns Science To The 16th Century | Real Science
A leader with no training in science who insists that his science view is the only valid one, and who publicly denigrates anyone who disagrees with him.

Furthermore, he has failed to produce any evidence that his plan will have any meaningful impact on the climate.
How Environmental Organizations Are Destroying The Environment | Watts Up With That?
Raising energy prices is the most regressive taxation I know of. The poorer you are, the harder you are hit by rising energy costs, and the more the poor suffer, the more the environment bears the brunt.

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