Sunday, June 30, 2013


Twitter / Foxgoose: Aussie green politicians panic ...

Aussie green politicians panic & flee from the carbon monster they created- you'd need a heart of stone not to laugh

Someone Buy Gavin A Calendar! | Real Science
We are actually almost two thirds of the way through the melt season.
If We Relied On Consensus Science, We Would Still Be Living In Caves | Real Science
Advances are made by people who think outside the box.

   That idea is stupid. We have always lived in caves.
Coalition facing back-bench revolt over wind farm subsidies - Telegraph
The coalition is facing a revolt by back-bench Conservative MPs over a surprise rise in consumer subsidies for wind farms.
UK hospitals to go off-grid to save planet from warming; Will use diesel generators instead |
[Warmist Tim Worstall] Just when you think that the world has had enough nonsense about climate change up comes an idea even more absurd. People and companies in the UK are now being urged to start using diesel generators, a horribly inefficient method of electricity generation, in order to beat climate change. Seriously, where do they get the people who come up with these ideas?

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