Sunday, June 30, 2013


Kelly Rigg: Carbon Pricing Proves a Success in Australia, but Conservatives Pledge to Kill It
Australia has the world's 12th largest economy, the 11th largest greenhouse gas emissions per-capita, and vast coal reserves that, if developed as planned, will Thelma and Louise the world through its remaining carbon budget right over the 2°C cliff into catastrophic climate change.
Why should increasing volcanic activity concern us?
Look at the number of catastrophes – including intensive volcanism – that have befallen our planet in almost perfect sync with equinoctial precession during the last 34,000 years alone
Unprecedented summer snow in Norway - On June 29
As long Varberg can remember, there has not been snow on the mountain lodge at the end of June.
Twitter / AccuRayno: the behavior by Forecast the ...
the behavior by Forecast the Facts..targeting T.V. mets that are skeptical of AGW is unbelievable. Read this..
Voice of the Free Press: Managing low expectations on climate change | Burlington Free Press |
Waiting for 100 percent scientific consensus on climate change is like holding off on bailing as the ship takes on water because not everyone agrees about where the leak is.  [I'd say not spending money trying to prevent CO2-induced bad weather is more like not buying expensive insurance against Sasquatch attack, especially if that insurance won't actually pay off even if you are subsequently attacked by Sasquatches.]

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