Monday, June 17, 2013


NEWSFLASH! Action on climate change voted bottom of world’s priority heap | The View From Here
I did notice that “A good education” consistently ranked in first place, followed by equally sensible choices. And “Action taken on climate change”, of course, for most parameters was 16th (or 15th).
New Study Shows Less Snowfall in the Future for Los Angeles |
it’s energy use that decides climate change [is it?]—and turns the snow to rain.
- Bishop Hill blog - An odd coupling
Please do understand, the *sign* of the feedback is a very big deal indeed
2007: Al Gore's Daughter Sarah Gets Married - Weddings :
"As one person joked during the wedding toasts, global warming helped bring Sarah and Bill together," the family friend tells PEOPLE.

The Gore family hosted a rehearsal dinner for 75 family and friends the previous evening at Beverly Hills' Crustacean restaurant, a longtime favorite of the Gores.

Crustacean's executive chef, Helene An, created for the wedding-eve party a six-course tasting menu that included Chilean sea bass [obtained locally, I hope!] and roasted crab. (To allay any conservationist concerns, the restaurant later specified that the sea bass served were not endangered or illegally caught.)

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