Sunday, June 23, 2013


No US June Hurricanes Since CO2 Rose Above 350 PPM | Real Science
The US hasn’t had a June hurricane since 1986, when Bonnie hit Texas. But in June 1957, Louisiana was hit by a category 4 hurricane with 145 MPH winds which killed 500 people.
The overwhelming consensus of scientific evidence tells us that CO2 does not make hurricanes more dangerous, but an honest evaluation is certainly not going to bring in any research funding.
Sneak Preview Of Obama’s Plan To Bankrupt US Electricity Consumers | Real Science
In this video, Obama explains that Americans are just too stupid to understand that skyrocketing electricity prices are actually good for them.
Greedy Africans are starving our cars | Watts Up With That?
US politicians and bureaucrats have less compassion and common sense than an average Londoner
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