Friday, June 28, 2013


Airlines reap millions from fare hikes after ducking EU CO2 law - News - Point Carbon
LONDON, June 28 (Reuters Point Carbon) - Six major airlines may have pocketed up to $32 million after they hiked fares in response to an EU law forcing them to pay for their carbon emissions, from which they were later exempted, an aviation analyst said on Friday.
Man killed in Glacier National Park fall identified | | Butte, Montana
Park officials note that winter conditions exist in many locations in the high country
Twitter / KHayhoe [enjoying unnecessary fossil-fueled trip to Florida?]

& I try our hand at oyster raking while shooting for in Apalachicola Bay

DailyTech - Report Claims Global Warming is Increasing Brain Eating Amoebas
Infections are mildly correlated to population, with little evidence supporting warming hypothesis from non-experts
PolitiFact | Dick Durbin says global warming is leading to “the evaporation of our Great Lakes”
This pattern of events doesn’t fit very well with existing models of global warming, which suppose a gradual rise in greenhouse gases, Lofgren said. A sudden change like the one experienced in the late 1990s -- followed by a decade and a half of fairly stable levels -- "is particularly difficult to attribute to a gradual buildup of greenhouse gases," he said.

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