Tuesday, June 18, 2013


Antarctic Sea Ice Area Has Increased More Than 10% Since 1979 | Real Science
Antarctic sea ice area is near a record high for the date, and up more than 10% since 1979.
The pathologising of climate scepticism | Ben Pile | spiked
As the influence of environmental thinking has increased its hold over the political establishment, the failure to win the public support that might create the basis for decisive action to save the planet has also increasingly been blamed on climate sceptics operating on the internet. On this view, bloggers have thwarted international and domestic action to prevent climate change. Accordingly, the nature of the blogosphere and the workings of the minds of climate sceptics have become the focus of academic research, just as the mechanics of the climate system have been the subject of climate scientists. But this attempt to form a pathological view of a complex debate says much more about the researchers than the objects of their study.
The feds get seriously creepy about climate change | Grist
To add ecological insult to creepy surveillance injury, that massive churning NSA dragnet “spy center” south of Salt Lake City where the government plans to store all this information? The one that will require a colossal and constant stream of 65 megawatts of electricity? It will be mostly coal-powered, natch.
Heartland’s James M. Taylor in a Carbon Tax Debate at R Street | Somewhat Reasonable
The video below is a rare debate about the wisdom of a carbon tax on June 13, 2013. James M. Taylor, senior fellow for The Heartland Institute, was a participant, and kicked green tail.

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