Friday, June 21, 2013


CNN's Amanpour Asks 'What Can One Do to Follow' Obama's Climate Change Plea | NewsBusters
On her Thursday CNN International show, host Christiane Amanpour relayed President Obama's call for a "global compact" to fight climate change and asked what could be done to "follow" Obama's plea. The White House must be pleased to have such faithful minions in the media.
Amanpour has shown her trademark liberal arrogance before on this issue. During the GOP presidential campaign in 2011, she whacked candidate Jon Huntsman for daring to backtrack to the right on global warming.

"It appears that you are reversing some of your own eminently sensible positions," she told Huntsman. "You’ve been tweeting about the sort of rightward swing, you’ve been jabbing at the base. And yet, in the last week, you sort of rolled that bit back on climate change. You sort of said that there isn’t enough science. I mean, what are you doing?"
The PJ Tatler » New Study: Tax Policies Are A ‘Poor Tool’ For Addressing Climate Change
Let’s toss aside the discussion of whether there is any approach that will achieve good results because maybe, just maybe, it isn’t a man-made problem in the first place.
Sea ice, beluga whales, and polar bear densities in the Gulf of Boothia | polarbearscience
So, after the critical seal pupping season is over, polar bears also have access to the beluga whales and narwhal that migrate into the gulf for the summer.
Shock News : Glaciers Have Been Melting Since Before The US Existed | Real Science
Quick. Someone call up Obama and tell him that glacial melt is not controlled by the US government.
The Great Prophet Warns That America’s Sin Will Cause Floods, Famine and Pestilence | Real Science
Primitive people have succumbed to this kind of predatory fear-mongering since the dawn of man.

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