Thursday, June 20, 2013


The Limits to Panic by Bjørn Lomborg - Project Syndicate
The Limits of Growth got it so wrong because its authors overlooked the greatest resource of all: our own resourcefulness. Population growth has been slowing since the late 1960’s. Food supply has not collapsed (1.5 billion hectares of arable land are being used, but another 2.7 billion hectares are in reserve). Malnourishment has dropped by more than half, from 35% of the world’s population to under 16%.

CommentsNor are we choking on pollution. Whereas the Club of Rome imagined an idyllic past with no particulate air pollution and happy farmers, and a future strangled by belching smokestacks, reality is entirely the reverse.  [Via MT]
Eos: let’s get the bankers and the climate modelers talking, but will the bankers be too realistic? | Watts Up With That?
From Eos June 11, 2013, PAGE 215, comes a recommendation that the finance community and climate scientists work together. One wonders though, if people in the results driven financial world will soon realize that the climate models just aren’t performing, and drop such collaborations like yesterday’s bad stock tip.
More signposts on the road to the post-Climatic-oblivion « JoNova
The CDM market is so sick (94% down), the UN says it needs $15bn to fix it
The PJ Tatler » ‘Pay No Attention To That Overreaching Regulatory Agency Behind The Scandal Curtain’
This president is, and always has been, a disturbingly focused ideologue. On most issues, he occupies the fringe of the fringe of American politics. Thanks to a press corps that has functioned mostly as a propaganda agency for him, the average voter in America is under the impression that he’s some sort of centrist. So, even while seemingly under siege from a zillion things going wrong at once, he is moving ahead with his nonsensical and economically idiotic green agenda.

While one hand is publicly about to hit you over the head with new bad ideas, you have to pay attention to what the other one is doing.

Remember, the carbon/green frenzy isn’t policy for Leftists, it’s their religion.

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