Wednesday, June 26, 2013


The Skill Level Of The Alarmist Community | Real Science
Barrow is surrounded by pack ice extending hundreds of miles, which is covered with fresh snow.
In about half of years, ice breakup in Barrow has occurred this week. Some years it breaks up next week.
As usual, alarmists have absolutely no idea what they are talking about.
Obama’s Boutique Energy Plan Hurts the Poor « Roy Spencer, PhD
Since I’m getting asked to comment on the President’s speech, I guess it’s time for a little detour from science into policy. If you don’t like me mixing science and policy, go complain to Al Gore or Joe Romm or Jim Hansen or Gavin Schmidt or Michael Mann or the American Meteorological Society or the American Geophysical Union or the American Physical Society…or the President himself.
June 26 News: Obama's Climate Plan Will Also Aid Public Health | ThinkProgress
In addition to slowing climate change, public health advocates heard President Obama’s climate plan and hope it will cut down on asthma and respiratory diseases.  [Can I see some hard evidence that humans experience less asthma and respiratory disease at 400pm versus 600 ppm CO2?  Thanks in advance!!]
Warmists predict Maryland in for 2-feet sea-level rise by 2050 |

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