Tuesday, June 18, 2013


Military Leaders To Discuss Climate Change & National Security
A public meeting in Fayetteville tonight will include discussions about evidence linking climate change to a rising risk of stronger natural disasters.
US (FL): Weather delays watermelon season, limits volume
Cold weather earlier this year delayed Florida's watermelon crop and will likely lead to fewer supplies. With less volume than in normal years, the Fourth of July holiday may see constrained supplies and higher prices.

“Everybody's late this year,” said Billy Smith, owner of Billy Smith's Watermelons in Florida. “Cold weather has delayed the season by about three weeks.” While Smith noted that, in 22 years, he's never seen a season where harvesting started later than May 18, this year's picking didn't start until June 5. In addition to a later start, volumes have also been lower than what they typically are.
REPORT: CNBC's Climate Denial Is Bad For Business | Research | Media Matters for America
Twenty-four out of the 47 substantial mentions or segments on climate change on CNBC, or just over 51 percent of coverage, cast doubt on whether manmade climate change existed.
Companies from GE to Staples Cash in on CO2 Cuts: Report - Businessweek
Wal-Mart has set a goal to rely solely on renewable energy

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