Sunday, June 16, 2013


Twitter / BigJoeBastardi: When is someone going to do ...
When is someone going to do to Gore on AGW what he did to Bush on Iraq: “He betrayed this country! He played on our fears!” #nowarming
Twitter / BarryJWoods: If everyone sounded as pragmatic, ...
If everyone sounded as pragmatic, realistic and sceptical as Andy Revkin, we wouldn't need any 'sceptics' ! @grist @Revkin @drgrist
Twitter / [David "Climate Nuremberg" Roberts"]
Getting ready to fly to Nebraska. For a day. #wtf
Secret Service tractors protect Obama G8 | The Sun |News
SECRET Service spooks are disguising themselves as FARMERS to protect Barack Obama from terrorist threats at the G8 summit.

They have even bought a fleet of TRACTORS ahead of the US President’s arrival in Northern Ireland tomorrow for the two-day meeting.
Is a Carbon Tax a Conservative Idea Whose Time Has Come? Thoughts on the R Street – Heartland Debate
Finally, let’s get down to what the major parties care about most: elections. The political choice facing the American people is in no small part that between a Republican Party that is anti-tax and pro-energy and a Democratic Party that is anti-energy and pro-tax. This clear product differentiation is an asset for the GOP. Republicans are truly the Dumb Party if they squander their energy advantage instead of pressing it to the hilt. Conservative advocacy of a carbon tax can only blur the battle lines, divide GOP leaders, and demoralize the movement’s activist base.

In 2010, Rep. Inglis lost a primary battle by 70%-29% to Tea Party challenger, Trey Gowdy. Inglis himself blames his defeat principally on his advocacy of a carbon tax. Inglis is an ideal spokesman for the proposition that a carbon tax is a conservative idea whose time has come. The messenger is a living refutation of the message.

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