Sunday, June 16, 2013


Michelle Malkin | Al Gore: Keystone pipeline an ‘atrocity’ «
Any oil operation that Al Gore can’t capitalize on is inherently eeeevil.
“Atrocity”? Witnesses to atrocities in history would likely beg to differ.

If the Keystone people were to start a media outlet that did “extensive climate coverage” and offered Gore a piece of the action I’ll bet the project would go from “atrocity” to “necessity” in record time.
Squeezed funds shy away from green investments | South China Morning Post
Institutional investors are under pressure to maximise returns amid "ultra-low" interest rates, and are unlikely to invest in projects that mitigate climate change unless forced to do so by governments, according to a veteran fund manager.
Forest Carbon Won’t Be Tradable Commodity, Climate Expert Says - Bloomberg
Emissions reductions created through forest protection never will become a tradable commodity, and private investors are beginning to realize that, a consultant for the Third World Network said.
Canterbury Could Get Worst Snowfall in 20 Years... |
Trewinnard said the weather patterns being predicted were the same as those experienced during Canterbury's infamous snowfall of 1992.

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