Friday, June 21, 2013


Climate Change Means We'll Be Living In a Very Wet World
In a climate changed world, what once passed for “record flooding” could become routine and have a huge impact on more and more communities as the population grows, especially in coastal areas and along rivers. [So where's the part about CO2 causing drought?]
Peter Lilley: Global Warming as a 21st Century Religion
This cult enables adherents to feel morally superior at little personal cost. Buy a Prius or vote Green and save the planet. Unfortunately, costly renewables are driving many into fuel poverty and manufacturing jobs overseas. Action by Britain is pointless unless China, India and Africa join in. They are most vulnerable to climate change. But they are vulnerable because they are poor. They will remain poor until they harness energy like us. Requiring them to forego fossil fuels in favour of renewables costing several times more condemns them to remain poor. The cult requires sacrificing the poor to Gaia. As Professor Bruckner concludes: "save the earth, punish mankind" .
Anatomy of a Washington dinner: Who funds the Competitive Enterprise Institute?
[Juliet Eilperin, wife of liberal climate lobbyist Andrew Light]  Want to know who shelled out the most to support CEI’s annual fete? Read the gritty details, below, with donors listed according to sector.
Obama climate measures could come Tuesday: sources - Reuters News - Point Carbon
WASHINGTON, June 21 (Reuters) - President Barack Obama is likely to roll out a number of measures on climate policy, potentially including a strategy to limit greenhouse gas emissions from existing power plants, in a speech on Tuesday, sources familiar with the plans told Reuters.
Law360 - Climate Change Makes Poor Weapon In Oil, Gas Lease Fights
Law360, New York (June 21, 2013, 6:48 PM ET) -- Opponents of oil and gas drilling who claim the government should have taken global warming into account before issuing leases are having little success as courts repeatedly find that plaintiffs are unable to make a direct link between greenhouse emissions and harm to their communities.

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