Wednesday, June 26, 2013


Obama Climate Change Speech: Why You Shouldn't Buy Into It
This climate change speech was suspiciously announced relatively last minute and amidst a series of scandals that the administration has been facing.
A Flat Earther’s Response to Obama’s Climate Speech
In 1988 James Hansen turned off the air conditioning and opened the windows in congress on a hot day in D.C. to make his point. Obama held his press conference outside in the direct sunlight on a 93º degree day, and the first thing Obama does is comment on how hot it is and takes off his suit coat. Then during the rest of his speech he kept wiping sweat off his face. I think this was supposed to be some sort of an attempt at subliminal messaging I think it just came off as sophomoric, he seemed to be making light of a very important issue.
We Were Warned | Real Science
We didn’t listen when Noah warned us about the coming flood, but we have a second chance now with Obama’s prophesy.

Build your ark now, and start rounding up the animals.
Government Weather and Climate Science is a Proven Disaster.
Their total failure over decades could only happen in government or government sponsored industry. In the natural world, that advocates of more government generally favor, elimination would have occurred. Typical of government, failures and redundancies are perpetuated as people preserve their jobs. Give any problem to government and they will create structures that quickly work on sustaining themselves rather than achieving resolution. Can you think of any non-government agency that could be wrong 13 out of 14 years as the UKMO was and yet maintain their jobs or business?
Poll: 69% say hands off sugary drinks |
Americans, by 69% to 30%, say they would vote against a law that limits the size of soft drinks and other sugary beverages served in restaurants to no more than 16 ounces.

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