Wednesday, June 26, 2013


Twitter Is The Opening Into The Borg | Real Science
The Collective is defeated by introducing disruptive thoughts. Twitter provides a conduit into the collective.

At some point, individual members of the Borg may actually learn how to think for themselves.
Unless You Have Faith In The 0% Of Climate Models Which Are Correct, You Are A Flat Earther | Real Science

Obama Lays Out His Case For Climate Panic | Real Science
President Obama laid out his case yesterday

Last year was very warm in the US
Globally, the past decade was warmer than the 1970s
It is hot and muggy in DC in the summer

Therefore there is a huge storm coming, and he doesn’t have time to debate it with the Flat Earth Society. Immediate dictatorial action is needed to stop this storm.

Who could argue with such rational, clear minded thinking?
National Geographic: Five Reasons for Obama to Sell Climate Change as a Health Issue
Contaminated water spreading pathogens
5 Deadliest Pandemics in History - [Which ones were caused by CO2?]

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