Wednesday, June 26, 2013


Perfect Timing | Real Science
Obama implements a Gillard style carbon tax by dictatorial decree, and Gillard immediately gets fired over her carbon tax.
Arctic Gains 16,600 Manhattans Of Sea Ice Since 2010 – At Ten Year High | Real Science
Leading government experts say the ice will be gone in a few weeks, and may be gone already.
Support Obama : Shut Down DC Coal Fired Electricity | Real Science
President Obama should show that he is serious about global warming by turning off all coal fired electrical appliances in the White House, particularly the air conditioning units – which are killing polar bears and giving children asthma. (Fortunately he already shut down school tours to protect the children.)

They should do the same at the capitol building, and particularly at the EPA.
Twitter / BigJoeBastardi: Does POTUS realize what he ...
Does POTUS realize what he says. Men exhale 4x co2 than inhale. Plants grow better with higher co2. How is that a pollutant
Twitter / EdDarrell: @ivanoransky @deborahblum ...
@ivanoransky @deborahblum Dihydrogen monoxide also found in 100% of cancer patients, every autistic person, and every GOP representative.
Edward Davey welcomes President Obama's speech and Climate Action Plan - News stories - Inside Government - GOV.UK
The EU should adopt a 50% emissions reduction target by 2030 in order to help secure a global deal in 2015

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