Monday, June 24, 2013


How climate deniers are like ignorant patrons of ’80s gay bars | Grist
[T]he conservatives, the poor conservatives, they’re like those faggots in gay bars in 1983. They’re standing around, drinks in hand, insisting that the conflagration currently engulfing them—the conflagration that is engulfing us all—isn’t happening. That it can’t be happening. But just as denial and anger and shooting messengers didn’t save those gay men in Chicago’s bars in 1983, denial and anger won’t save Colorado’s ranchers in 2013. Nature is exacting an awful retribution.
Twitter / Barrowice: For the first time ever the ...
For the first time ever the people shouting ‘the end is nigh’ are the sane ones? while those who say "no it isn't"are now the lunatics! #agw
The Green Madness Of Connie Hedegaard – Make Your Own Climate | Tory Aardvark
Checking out the #worldulike hashtag on Twitter shows that the campaign is doing about as well as Al Gores 24 Hours of Climate Reality Fantasy, once again the converted are Tweeting to each other while the rest of the world ignores them.
Data Show “Amazing Relationship” Between South German Flooding Frequency And Solar Activity
Hysterical media, politicians, activists and scientists (e.g. Mojib Latif) tried to put the blame for the German flooding earlier this month on man-made climate change. But a recent doctoral dissertation shows that flooding in Southern Germany is very strongly related to solar activity. No correlation is found with CO2.
Sunday Religious Invocation | Real Science
Gaia is testing us. Sea level rise has failed to accelerate, but the promises of the great prophet Hansen must be heeded.

The great flood is coming, as soon as the deep oceans give up the missing heat, and the tundra releases its methane.

Pray too that the Arctic ice is finally freed this summer.

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