Monday, June 17, 2013


I bet it's biased: one easy step to squash expert opinions
Accusations of scientific bias are the new catch-all weapon for anti-science commentators and climate deniers. Why are they effective? New research shows they may exploit part of our psychology.

Climate sceptics have won, Martin Wolf lamented in the Financial Times, despite near-universal scientific consensus against them. The sheer longevity of this “debate” indicates deniers attract disproportionate attention – partly due to one of their main lines of attack: scientific bias.
In Germany’s Green Wonderland, Electricity Costs 68% More Than Ours. | NOT A LOT OF PEOPLE KNOW THAT
Latest figures from the EU, which compare power prices across Europe, show that Germany and Denmark have by far the highest prices.

It is, of course, no coincidence that both countries have embraced the green dream. In Germany, prices are 68% higher than in the UK.

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chris y said...

The null hypothesis for any new result in climate science is-

It is biased.

This null position is based on decades of experience.

For more details, see "The boy who cried wolf".