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Some Hockey Stick | Real Science
Prior to Hansen et al tampering with the temperature record, 1970 was about the same temperature as 1900. The graph below was generated by the National Academy of Sciences in 1975.
Before the team could make the fake hockey stick, they had to make fake recent temperature data.
Some Hockey Stick  | Real Science
[comment] People were shorter a century ago, and looked at thermometers from a lower angle, causing them to record slightly higher temps than today. Homer figured this out all on his own.
ERL rejects Richard Tol’s comment on Cook et al 2013, but won’t say who rejected it | Watts Up With That?
Also, it appears the opinion of ONE board member is all it takes, so much for consensus.
THE HOCKEY SCHTICK: New paper finds the oceans are a net source of CO2
A new paper published in Deep-Sea Research finds the ocean is a net source of CO2 to the atmosphere, the opposite of claims by climate alarmists that the ocean removes CO2 from the atmosphere. According to the authors, "At the [research] site, the ocean is primarily a source of CO2 to the atmosphere, except during strong upwelling events." The paper also notes, "Astor et al.(2005) observed the interactions between physical and biochemical parameters that lead to temporal [over time] variations in fCO2 [CO2 flux from the] sea, finding that even during periods of high production, the CO2 flux between the ocean and the atmosphere decreased but remained positive, i.e. CO2 escaped from the ocean to the atmosphere."
Hundreds Dead In June, 1952 Heat Wave | Real Science
01 Jul 1952 – NEARLY 200 DEAD IN HEAT WAVE

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