Wednesday, June 26, 2013


Targeting and tailoring climate change communications - Bostrom - 2013
The advent of technology-enabled microtargeting is rapidly expanding the opportunities for tailoring and targeting climate change communications and for adding to what we know from using them to make them effective.
Obama, not ‘Skeptics,’ Serve as President of the ‘Flat-Earth Society’ | Heartlander Magazine
So who is really the president of the “Flat Earth Society” on this issue? It is not the so-called “skeptics” who rely on scientific data to inform their position. The Flat Earthers are people such as Obama, who ignore that solid evidence and simply declare their religious belief that human activity is catastrophically changing the Earth’s climate.
Twitter / climatebrad: Only NBC News covered Obama's ...
Only NBC News covered Obama's 49-minute climate speech…ABC and CBS covered the SwissAir heist instead #climatesilence
Twitter / PeterGleick: I watched the President's ...
I watched the President's #climate speech live and now I've re-read the transcript. It is truly brilliant, historical, and inspirational.
Obama's scaled-down climate-change agenda - Reid J. Epstein and Jennifer Epstein -
even his biggest proposals fall short of what environmentalists had been hoping for, and what he came into the White House promising to achieve.
Clean Air Act, Reinterpreted, Would Focus on Flexibility and State-Level Efforts -
Already, glaciers are melting, heat waves and heavy rains are increasing, the food system is under stress and the sea is rising

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