Sunday, June 30, 2013


Twitter / SouBundanga: A HotWhopper: No, Mr McIntyre, ...
[retweeted by Michael Mann] A HotWhopper: No, Mr McIntyre, you can't take any credit for scientific research on tree rings
Jim Inhofe: They love me, they love me not - Print View
Inhofe says he does things that no one else will touch, “because nobody else does.”
Daily Kos: Let's learn a few things about Sen. James Inhofe
And Hitler wanted to be a painter, and at least some of America's top serial killers could be pretty snazzy dressers if they wanted to be. You made me go full Godwin in the first two damn paragraphs.
Twitter / ForecastFacts: We were welcomed at #ams13. ...
We were welcomed at #ams13. @climatebrad showed our work helping viewers thank climatecasters and challenge climate deniers.
GE's Brilliant Wind Turbine -- Wind Power Cheaper Than Coal Or Natural Gas (Part 1) | CleanTechnica
[Great, so it's time to end all wind farm subsidies?]

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