Tuesday, June 25, 2013


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Lord Donoughue intends to table more of the suggested Questions. He would also be grateful for additional recommendations. One topic for which recommendations would be particularly appreciated is the recent claim about “97% of scientists”: that claim has been influential with the government, and it would be helpful to table Questions that would bring out the truth about it.
Obama Announces The Affordable Climate Act | Real Science
Reducing Energy Bills for American Families and Businesses

He originally outlined Obamaclimate five years ago
My plan will necessarily make electricity prices skyrocket
Peer Evil – the rotten business model of modern science | Watts Up With That?
This brings us to the root of the problem. People, including scientists, are flawed. Few will miss a chance to stab competition in the back and abuse whatever little power they may have. I am not the first to criticize the peer review process. But I am not. Criticizing implies it can be fixed. It cannot. It was a bad idea all along. Then, what can be done? There is no quick and easy solution.

But I know where to start – ban peer review. And I know this can be done, this nonsense can be dealt with. This is not brain surgery, this is all about leveling the playing field, making rules for fair and open competition. These problems have been solved in all other spheres. Only scientists for whatever bizarre reasons received a special treatment and the right to live in lawlessness. Which is so wrong, I cannot find words to describe. Science is one most important sphere of human activity.
THE HOCKEY SCHTICK: New paper finds no change of snow cover in the Alps over past 27 years & 'deceleration of the snow trend'
A forthcoming paper in The Cryosphere finds no change in snow cover of the European Alps over the past 27 years from 1985-2011. The authors instead find the snow trend in the Alps may be decelerating, stating, "our results do not show any significant trends in the monthly mean SCA [snow cover anomaly] over the last 27 years. This is in agreement with other research findings and may indicate a deceleration of the decreasing snow trend in the Alpine region."

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