Wednesday, June 19, 2013


Small global warming rise would have 'alarming' impact -World Bank | Reuters
(Reuters) - Much of Bangkok could flood within the next two decades if global warming stays on its current trajectory, as sea levels rise and cyclones intensify, the World Bank said in a new report on Wednesday.
The World Bank said it has doubled its spending on adaptation to climate change last year, to $4.6 billion, to help countries and cities figure out how best to deal with higher temperatures. It also loaned $7.1 billion to countries last year in projects that could help mitigate climate change.
Belief in Global Warming Drops After Cold Winter | LiveScience
After an especially cold winter across much of the United States, the American public was slightly less convinced that the planet is heating up, a new survey shows.
...Scientists say no individual storm, heat wave or other weather event can be directly pinned on climate change, and despite an overall warning trend, there will always be cold snaps that make an area unusually chilly for days, weeks or even a month.
Twitter / Foxgoose: Senior Met Office scientist ...
Senior Met Office scientist says FOE don't have a clue about change - why do the govt listen to them then?
Twitter / ClimateDepot: WSJ: The real point of cap ...
WSJ: The real point of cap and trade is for income redistribution while dodging accountability for raising taxes

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Zactly. It's just a tax. All else is intrigue.