Friday, June 28, 2013


David Cameron hasn't spoken about climate change for three years. Time is running out
It’s time the Prime Minister broke his silence and did something before it’s too late, writes Luciana Berger MP.
Can Obama Bring Back 26 Consecutive Months Of Severe To Extreme Drought In New York City? | Real Science
While Obama was busy growing up in Indonesia, New York City almost ran out of water.
THE HOCKEY SCHTICK: Obama's 'Social Cost of Carbon' Trick
The social-cost gambit will allow the Administration to claim an enormous economic benefit for any greenhouse gas regulation that reduces carbon—such as new standards on existing coal plants (new plants are already being regulated out of existence), oil refineries or lawn mowers.
This will also help to disguise the net cost of these rules in lost jobs, higher energy prices and less consumer choice.
Why is it that every decade, Eastern Beaufort sea ice gets really thick? | polarbearscience
I’ve written before about the incidents of starving polar bears in the eastern portion of the Southern Beaufort Sea (here, here, and here). For two or three years every decade since the 1960s, shorefast ice in the Eastern Beaufort (Fig. 1) has become too thick and compressed in the spring for ringed seals to maintain their breathing holes, so most or all of them presumably go elsewhere — as seals did in Greenland when ice got too thick there (Vibe 1965). With few or no seal pups born during March and April in thick ice years, some bears had a hard time finding enough food: starving bears and dying cubs were the result.
Warmists salivating to blame Western heat wave on global warming |
Even though 100 years and 100 ppm CO2 ago it was as hot/hotter.
Heat And Drought For The Corn Belt | Real Science
During March, the US government’s top experts told us that the corn belt was headed for heat and drought this summer.

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