Sunday, June 16, 2013


Climate-Energy Hits The Wash, Rinse And Spin Cycle :: The Market Oracle
Talking down and sidelining, then denying the real world always presents problems. For Adolf Hitler in his Berlin bunker, in April 1945, the stress of denying he had lost the war was so terrible he committed suicide – but not before causing an awful lot of trouble. World weather forecasting offices and agencies face the same problem of more and more difficult denial. Real world weather is simply not playing along with their fantasy talk, and the real world's denial of fantasy climate change and burning weather is already 10 years old. Ten years out of date.
Apart from embarassment for not well paid but nicely protected-from-reality academic scientists concocting their latest science journal work with at least 1 page of references for each page of tortured climate-correct prose, the political and business fallout from “the carbon paradigm” proving as valueless as the subprime mortgage bubble or Lehman Bros' bank is becoming very dangerous. Politicians and media talking heads are still obliged, and paid to stand up and say they know (not just believe) that carbon effluent is polluting the planet and “we” must ever-so-rapidly move to sustainable low carbon development forthwith. But this is only the start. They will soon break ranks and will stampede for the exit like proverbial elephants in a china shop!.
Time for these people to dry up |
[Andrew Bolt] WE'RE broke and we're wet. It's time governments cancelled every grant to every global warming alarmist who claimed we faced drought.

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