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Michael Mann return to UVa rejected by school administration |
Some apparently want to blame Virginia AG Ken Cuccinelli — but maybe it was just the stench of Climategate.
What I Didn’t Say to Fred Singer | Climate Abyss | a blog
Let’s be generous and toss out the land surface temperatures. Let’s then be even more generous and say that each of the other datasets has a one in ten chance of being so wrong as to get the sign of temperature change incorrect. The odds of all twelve being wrong at the same time, and in the same direction, is 0.1^12, or literally one in a trillion.
Anatomy of dissent | Climate Etc.
One obvious question that arises from reading Lahsen’s paper is how large is the population of climate skeptics in the mainstream research community. Is this the 3 percent of Lewandowsky and others? Or is this a much larger community? Hard to know.
Altitude at Briffa’s Polar Urals « Climate Audit
But think for a moment about what is actually being said here: if MXD is measuring temperature and there is no elevation effect, then the temperatures being estimated in the Briffa reconstruction are for varying elevations. So if you want a temperature reconstruction for a constant elevation, you need to adjust for the varying elevations i.e. increase the 13th century results by about 0.55 deg C. If the effect went the other way, how long do you think it would have taken the Hockey Team to do that adjustment?
THE HOCKEY SCHTICK: The Fanaticism of the Apocalypse- environmentalism as a messianic religion
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