Monday, June 24, 2013


THE HOCKEY SCHTICK: Obama's Climate Plans Face Years-Long Fight
WSJ.COM 6/24/13: WASHINGTON—When President Barack Obama lays out plans to tackle climate change in a speech Tuesday, including the first effort to curb greenhouse-gas emissions from existing power plants, he will unleash a yearslong battle that has little assurance of being resolved during his time in office.
Renewable Irony: Wind, solar facilities not located to displace fossil fuel plants, study says |
That is, a California solar farm won’t replace a Pennsylvania coal plant.   [Not even if you use a really long extension cord?]
Leading NZ climate scientist says sea level rises may double | The Courier-Mail
SCIENTISTS expect that the next international climate change report will forecast sea level rises of up to 1m by the end of this century - almost double current estimates.
Tricorona court case lifts lid on Barclays CO2 profits - News - Point Carbon
LONDON, June 24 (Reuters Point Carbon) – Barclays locked in profit margins of up to 50 percent from selling the unhedged carbon credits of an emissions reduction project developer it bought in 2010, the bank’s former carbon trading head said in court on Monday.

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