Friday, June 28, 2013


House responds to Obama’s climate plan with an offshore drilling plan | Grist
In a 235-to-186 vote Friday, House lawmakers passed the Offshore Energy and Jobs Act, which Climate Progress said “reads like Big Oil’s Christmas list”
Why the MSM Is Stupid About AGW | Somewhat Reasonable
[Joe Bast] 99% of reporters who cover environment and global warming are environmentalists – it really is their religion. They aren’t going to some day just “change their mind” about global warming. Most will die or retire still being true believers.
Fossil fuels are a faith issue
[Richard Cizik] I had been a doubter, and had become a believer. In the words of John Newton, “I was blind, but now I see.”
We are the “Davids,” speaking collectively now for all those in the religious community who have joined this fight, facing down Goliath. The big oil companies will fight to the death to keep their big oil subsidies. Coal industry executives have lots of money and lobbyists to kill carbon standards on existing power plants. But we have spiritual resources at our disposal, and lots of potential troops. I would say to my co-religionists, “Do what is right and be not afraid.”

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